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If you have an e-commerce portal and you are looking to taste success, one of the important things which you need to do is look out for the best website design for e-commerce. There are several different design elements which should be carefully incorporated. This is important as it ensures that you can have the perfect design which will entice users to stay on the site and make some purchases.

So, let us see some of the best picks which would make for a great design for e-commerce portals. Of course, you can still explore the endless options and make the right informed decision.

New Chapter

New Chapter happens to be a P&G brand and it focuses mostly on having the right kind of catchy web design that appeals to all users. Their main highlight is the presence of a personalized experience and this way, users can choose their adventure. The brand itself believes that it is their immersive and catchy design which helped them become such a huge brand in a short frame of time.

Bon Bon Bon

This happens to be a chocolate company which is based out of Detroit. They are known for their character and spirit. They took help from Brand Labs and they came up with what is certainly one of catchiest websites till date. They offer plenty of customization options and it is as if the website happens to speak to you, giving you the personal attention you deserve.

Their custom option, build a box box box helped them gain massive thumbs up from users as it allows their customers to select their favorite options and add them to a box and have it delivered wherever they want. The overall design is on point.

Eddie Parker Flower

If you have a thing for creativity and fashion blended; you have to check this site out. The design speaks volumes about the label and it is eye-catchy and trendy at the same time. From different font sizes to the right color contrast options, and tons of other highlights, the web design element is the one you are surely going to fall in love with. The top-notch point of this design is the way the featured products get the best kind of display on the designated marble plinths. No doubt, the designer deserves a true round of applause.

Unleash the Beast

A Mexican brochure site, it mainly offers a digital tour of the cars featured in the Dukes of Hazard. This design stands out for the way it draws the customers in. There is no way you will be able to move away from the site until you have taken a full detour. The animation, the bursts of immersion, the multimedia elements and the sound effects are all perfect and leave nothing more to desire.

So, these are the best of web design elements which you should explore. Take some cues from each of them and understand the key ingredients that make for an inspiring and efficient web design element.

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